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Terms & Conditions f. skype-Lessons

skypeget infoThese Terms & Conditions are solely valid for the skype-Guitarlessons by Bertino Rodmann.
By sending the Registrationform the student accepts these Terms & Conditions written here as valid part of the contract.

The Terms & Conditions for the skype-Guitarlessons by Bertino Rodmann are as follows:

  • Conditions for participation:
  • the sent Registrationform is considered and committed as written contract according to the law of german TKDG
  • the minimum age for participation is 18 years (or solely possible with written permission of the parents)
  • participation for skype-lessons mayevery guitarrist who plays at least 5-6 years of Guitar (in exceptional cases maybe less) and who applies for the basic conditions. These will be cleared with the student in advance by phone. Therefor it is important that you enter a valid phone and skype-number while registering for the lessons. If you are not sure if you apply for the conditions for skype-lessons just contact me via eMail, i will answer your questions.
  • the student must have a functioning Instrument (acoustic Jazzguitar like Selmer-copy, Archetop-Jazzguitar or acoustic Steelstringguitar)

  • Payment for the skype-lessons:
  • the number of lessons that have been bookedin the registration form has to be payed in advance (via Paypal or eventually as well by bankaccount IBAN (NO Western-Union!). Without that the lessons will not be possible.
  • Bertino Rodmann will exclusively be available for these paid and appointed lessons to the student.

  • Practicals:
  • the skype-lessons will solely be given after personal appointment. The pure sending of the registrationform and/or the payment of certain hours are not valid or may be taken as consent of the skype-lessons by Bertino Rodmann.
  • If (in special cases) it would be not possible to give lessons, for example because the studen didnt apply to the rules and regulations (for example by not having enough playing knowledge or weak equipment) and the booked lessons would be canceled by myself for that reason, still the student had payed for such - he/she will of course receive 100% payback of the payed fees (only minus my exceptional cost for banktransfers or other cost postal, phone or else). The already payed fees will be transfered back immediately - 100%-Money-Back-guarantee!
  • skype-lessons are only binding agreement if they have been confirmed in advance by phoning or written (eMail) by Bertino Rodmann.

  • Canceling of skype-lessons:
  • if a student, for some reason, has to cancel an already apointed and payed lesson, he hereby confirmes to cancel the lesson in advance written or by phone to Bertino Rodmann as early as possible (eMail is valid).
  • If a student is canceling a lesson more than 7 days in advance of the apointed lesson, his payment stays valid. The lesson will then be held at the next possible and appointed date. If the student cancels a lesson within 7 days before of the apointed date, this will not be counted as a valid canceling. In this case the lesson will expire and the payed fee is lost. Other already payed lessons of course stay valid and will be held at their apointed dates. (this regulation is crucial as i need to block my dates in advance for my students. The canceling of lessons within 7 days i usually cannot switch with other students, so they will have to be finally canceled for that reason).
  • In case i myself have to cancel an apointed lesson(s) for some reason, i hereby guarantee to cancel the lessons early as possible (written by eMail is valid). The canceled lesson will be catched up upon later at the next possible apointed date.

  • Salomonic clause
  • If certain parts or regulations of this contract are not valid to any laws or partly are wrong the rest of this written and hereby confirmed contract stay valid.
  • There are no other verbal negotiations beeing made besides this. Changes of the contract need to be in written form. The contract is beeing made and agreed according to german and european laws.
  • Place of jurisdiction is Frankfurt/M (Germany).

  • The following common rules for skype-lessons are applied:
    • the student has been registering bindingly on the website by sending the regsitration form in advance with all nessesary data.
    • student needs to have all the right equipment to apply for the lessons, e.g. computer with skype-connection, skype-account, fast internet-connection (DSL), as well as a functioning instrument
    • the student has applied for all terms & conditions for skype-lessons
    • the skype-lessons have been confirmed and talked over in advance and thus have been confirmed by me in written text (eMail is valid)
    • the student has been paying the booked skpe-lessons in advance via online-payment at Paypal according to the contract.
    • I hereby guarantee to be exclusively holding the apointed skype-lessons for the student if all things have been cleared out in advance.
    • possible packages for skype-lessons are available as 4, 8 or 12 hours of lessons.
Valid from: 01.01.2024


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