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CD-Album - Réve de Samois

cover revedesamois2cover revedesamois2After many long years in my musical career despite these variety of different styles of music that i had discovered eversince (see my biography), in 2021 i decided to finally record and release an album with a couple of original compositions of mine.
Over the years i had composed many tunes that were just waiting to be released, so that i thought that now would be the right time to make that step.

Since a long time already i had the idea of inviting some of the best musicians of the style (as also good friends we have meanwhile become over the years) to perform and record my songs with these  brilliant musicians.
Finally in march 2022 this was possible. While under great difficulties we were able to do the recordings (as shortly before the recording dates should have been starting, i have been heavily sick plus the engeneer of the rented studio was sick on Covid-19 as well), so nearly the whole sessions were about to be canceled. But everything finally went well and we could switch studios to the better.

For my support i was able to invite some great Jazzmusicians for these recordings: my good friends Fapy Lafertin on Solo-Guitar, Lulo Reinhardt Rhytm- and Solo-Guitar, Bobeye Reinhardt on double bass, Winfried Schuld on Piano and last not least Christoph König on violin. Additionally a former student of mine, Henry Eipl, added some more rhythm-guitars on some tunes of the album.

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Released in june 2022 "Réve de Samois" has become a great album with 10 original Songs of mine. Containing some wonderful Jazz-Ballads, fast Swingtunes , two more modern songs as well as two waltzes.

Listen to some snippets of the album right here or play the songs directly on Soundcloud:


Alen Markulin from the Majestix-Worx-Studios in Offenbach/M created the great sound,  without whom the Album would havent been possible to make, why i am absolutely thankful for him. But i also thank all the other great musicians that helped me to create and record a phantastic album.

buy now logo buy now buttonemoji doing thumbs upIf you are interested in buying this fine and versatile Jazz-Album, you may order the album here for only 20.-€ (as Audio-CD) or 35.-€ (as USB-Stick) + cost for shipping.

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As more and more people are going to listen music solely thru Streaming-Providers, my Album is also available at all important portals thru this link:

Nevertheless please consider buying the album physically, as streaming does not generate any substantial income for us musicians. Per stream the streaming providers like iTunes pay out 0,0043 €, Spotify pays even worse with 0,0039€ per stream. One may imagine how many streams an artist has to generate to earn at least 1.-€ form a payment like this! At least selling physical albums like vinyl, CDs or mp3s on USB-sticks generates a much more substantial income for us artists. Buying an album (or at least a single song) from artists should therefor be your choice!

Important note: please keep in mind to play any song via streaming completely or at least for 35 seconds! One of the bad main sideeffects listening music via streaming is that the providers only pay out artists for completely (or partly at least 35 seconds) played songs. Everything less than 35 seconds will gain NO PAYOUT thru the providers to the artists!


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