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20230305 184756 kopieFor sale is a gorgeous, 60+ year old FAVINO guitar „Model 2A Jazz“, approx. built around 1955/56.
Freshly restored with french polish (sunburst), new tuners (Gallato) and new bridge. Original Tailpiece. Price: 2.750.-€ + shipping

Jacques Favino (1920-1999) meanwhile has become one of the most famous and renowned luthiers of old Gypsyjazz guitars, besides SELMER, BUSATO and DiMAURO.
Unlike the other named Sicilian luthiers building mostly kind of SELMER replica guitars, Jacques Favino found his very special own way to create his „own sound“.

bertino just guitar solocd 3Already in December 2021 i reported the news: my Solo-Album "Bertino - just guitar -" which was recorded the same month in 2021 in Frankfurt in the Redlight-Studios of Stefan Varadopolus, finally will be released.

It took me very long to clear the rights. But now it will be possible to release the Album as Cover-Versions.

Ten Songs, this time no riginals as on my Album "Rêve de Samois" from 2022, but pure coversof famous Jazz-tunes like "All the things you are" or classics like "Night and Day" will be on.

This album represents a part of my Soloprogram with same title. Release day is not yet clear but hopefully around spring 2023. Get excited :)

Everyone who knows about and understands the paymethods of the big streaming portals, also knows that there is no business for us artists in it. Well yes, also my new album "Rêve de Samois" will be hosted there from 09/15/22, but not for financial reasons, but for it´s presence in first place as a main reason.

An example? Apple Music (former iTunes) sells 1 Song for 0,99€ if you buy it there. Apple Music iTunes keeps around 48% for himself, the Distributor take 10%. In the end ist stays approx. 0,40-0,45€ at the artist pocket.

radio x the early years visualIt´s a great honour and i am feeling very exited already:

on december 30st 2022 you can hear my music on Radio X (UKW 91,8 kHz and on cable 99,85 kHz). I especially feel honoured cause i´ve been invited by my old bandmate Seppl Niemeyer (Ex-Octopus, Ex-Flatsch), who is active at Radio X since a long time for VirusMusic.

We will present a broad variety and a very coloured set, since i may present a collection of my music from ever since...

Safe the date: on 30.12.22 from 17.00 to 18.00 p.m. tune in to Radio X and listen to VirusMusic!

cover revedesamois2In June 2022 i was able to produce and release my first Solo-Album with all original tunes.

The Album "Rêve de Samois" contains 10 original songs. I am very pleased to be able to invite some of the best musicians of the genre (as well as good friends) for the recordings. These great musicians have parted at the recordings:

Fapy Lafertin (Git)
Lulo Reinhardt (Git)
Bobeye Reinhardt (Bass)
Cristoph König (Violin)
Henry Eipl (RhythmGit)

More Infos to the CD you may find here. The Album may be ordered here on the Website for 15.-€ (+ shipping).

cover revedesamois2My new Album "Rêve de Samois" will be available online as Streaming from 09/15/22 at Apple Music (iTunes), Amazon Music, Spotify, deezer and Youtube Music.

Thanks to the great support of "music-hub" it´s possible for me to release my solo-Album on all the big Online-Streaming-serviceproviders.
In first place that is not for financial reasons but for its presence, even if one might think differently (if interested read this article about Streaming in the news).

But so i am very happy to be present on all nessesary platforms with my Solo Album.

cover revedesamois2Yesterday the covers for my first Solo-Album with solely original tunes went into print.

The Album "Rêve de Samois" will contain 10 of my original tunes. I am very happy that i was able to invite some phantastic musicians (and good friends) for that. On the album parted the following staff:

Fapy Lafertin (Git)
Lulo Reinhardt (Git)
Bobeye Reinhardt (Bass)
Cristoph König (Violine)
Henry Eipl (RhythmGit)

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