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LR & BR Quartett (Bandproject)

„Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett“

lulo bertino 2013 

Since a couple of years now there is an intense and growing friendship between these two out- standing guitarrists which in 2013 ended up in the bandproject of the „Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett“.

Together with the two experienced musicians
Harald Becher on Bass and Uli Krämer on Drums this band offers an explosive Melange of Jazz-Manouche, Latin-Swing and Jazz presenting a bright mix of origi- nal compositions plus their own arrangements of well known jazztunes and songs of the worldfamous guitar- rist Django Reinhardt.

Look forward to an exceptional guitar evening with the „Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett

Lulo Reinhardt (Git.) Bertino Rodmann (Git.) Harald Becher (Bs.)
Uli Krämer (Drums)

lulobertinoquartett 2021 txt

Here you can watch some LIVE-Performances online:

If you like to hire the Lulo Reinhardt & Bertino Rodmann Quartett (also possible as a Duo or Trio) for any kind of show, please contact me here!

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